Alrewas Architecture

Listed Buildings & Conservation

A building is listed when it is of special architectural or historic interest. Any buildings within the curtilage of a listed building are also dealt with under the same planning & Listed building guidelines.

Interestingly – planners and conservation officers favour modern additions to listed buildings (rather than a ‘pastiche’ of the listed building). This is generally because they complement each other well as a result – plus dating of the existing building is more clear by comparison.

We have worked with local planning authorities to deal sensitively with a number of Listed buildings which includes barns, coach houses and villas, all with unique solutions to the process of modernisation.

It is true to say that the way we live is evolving and homes in many cases need to adapt to the changes we are adapting to, not least energy efficiency in the home.

We can provide exciting and responsive proposals to a listed building, whilst maintaining and enhancing the historical features the building is listed for.

Some examples from our Conservation Portfolio